The Difference Between Data Center and Cloud Security

Over the past few years, cloud security has improved as providers minimize risk and vendors launch comprehensive security tools. Is the cloud as secure as today’s data center services? Below, users will learn the most important differences between cloud and data center security.

Easy Access

According to investors and startup consultants, cloud services are easily exploited by attackers because of their simple registration processes. All a user needs is a credit card, and in some instances, they can even pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, or Western Union.

Vulnerability to Hackers

Cloud-based data is more compelling to hackers because there’s more of it in one place. Furthermore, cloud services providers are more likely to be targeted by DDoS attacks and other malicious behavior. The cloud is a popular place for hackers, and spam, hash cracking, password cracking, and malware distribution are quite common.

Carelessness and Human Error

Most recent data leaks were due to user error and simple carelessness. In many well-known cases, customers’ sensitive data was stored in a publicly accessible part of a web server. If a company’s apps and infrastructure are in the cloud, they have to manage extensive certificates, permissions, and passwords to ensure that only the right workers have access to some areas. However, many employees don’t effectively manage their passwords, and such vulnerabilities are commonly found in the cloud.

Insider Threats

Because they typically have dozens of insiders, companies using the cloud are more likely to fall victim to internal threats. Not only do cloud-based companies have to worry about disgruntled employees abusing their credentials, but they have to focus on malicious activities conducted by cloud providers themselves. When companies only have cloud-based security, they can lose their entire infrastructure in a single day.

The Bottom Line

Based on probability alone, security breaches are more likely to occur in the cloud than in a physical data center. There are more insiders, more targets, and more users accessing the same infrastructure. That’s why most experts recommend using a combination of cloud-based and physical security measures. Visit the website for more details or call today to learn more about data center and cloud security.


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